• While it can be quite a challenge to decide which male enhancement products are worth giving a try, there is one thing to look at in all of these products which can make the process a bit easier: their ingredients. The best products are the natural male enhancers, but many of these products use largely the same ingredients.

    Most of the worst offenders have been withdrawn in response to consumer complaints or simply failed to catch on with an increasingly skeptical public. While the market is still flooded with products which may pose a health risk or just plain don't work, there are also some high quality products which really can help men lead healthier, more active sex lives.

    cGMP (Cyclic guanosine monophosphate) is a chemical that relaxes smooth muscle tissue, including the vascular smooth muscles in blood vessels. This can lead to the dilation, or increase in size, of blood vessels and increased blood flow. The corpus cavernosum of the penis is a spongy area that runs the full length of the penis, and contains many blood vessels that can be dilated through the action of cGMP and allow the increased blood flow to create an erection.

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    More significantly, organic pills do not have any adverse reactions. This is a significant advantage of such pills.